We give you our assurance that when you travel with us, you travel with a peace of mind and in the best possible comfort. In our continuous effort to provide the best service we enhance our offering by ensuring that our drivers have gone through specialised training that are conducted by certified professionals. Among other things, our drivers have undergone vigorous training in Defensive Driving Safety and to always be courteous and professional. We also provide regular medical checks to our drivers in order to ensure that they are always in the best condition to carry out their duties.


All our vehicles are equipped with the most modern GPS tracking systems to provide the best safety experience to our customers. We run scheduled regular car inspection to ensure that our vehicles are always roadworthy. We also have amongst the youngest fleet of vehicles in the nation and continue to investment in order to ensure that our customers enjoy the best comfort and safety while traveling with us.

GTrans Drivers trained with Defensive Driving Training by certificated professional/Institut to learn the driving skills correctly and how to handle vehicle emergency
GTrans provide medical check-up to our drivers to ensure he/she is fit to perform every assignment
GTrans vehicles run scheduled regular car inspection to ensure its roadworthy at all times
GTrans vehicles installed with a GPS tracker with features of live tracking and driver’s behaviour for Passengers and Drivers safety
GTrans vehicles installed with a Dashcam to monitor every ride as an added safety precaution
On top of the Commercial Motor General Insurance, GTrans offer Personal Accident (PA) insurance as an additional coverage to Passengers and Drivers